5 Benefits of Getting a Clarifye Eye Exam

5 Benefits of Getting a Clarifye Eye Exam

5 Benefits of Getting a Clarifye Eye Exam

5 Benefits of Getting a Clarifye Eye Exam

The American Academy of Optometry states that there are now two ways to examine eyes. The traditional way is still popular in many corners of the world. The ClarifyeSM or digital way, is now getting a large following. Knowing more about the Clarifye eye exam can motivate you to try it at your next eye checkup. Here are five benefits of Clarifye.  Both Eye Focus Northwest locations are equiped with this advanced Clarifye technology.


It Is Accurate and Precise


Clarifye provides more data about your eyes than the usual traditional exam. This digital eye exam uses wavefront technology that allows it to pinpoint HOAs or higher-order aberrations. Clarifye also has a corneal topographer, which allows your eye doctor to see the curvature of your eye’s front surface.


It Reduces Guessing Situations


Many patients experience anxiety during an eye exam. The eye doctor often asks the patient which lens is better. Many patients tend to go home with an inaccurate lens prescription. This is where Clarifye becomes more advantageous. This digital eye exam chooses the most favorable starting point based on your eye’s advanced measurements. This reduces the need for guessing and enhances the precision of your lens prescription.


It Gives You a Custom-fit Lens Prescription

Clarifye’s diagnostic system can help your eye doctor spot the tiny changes in your eye health as the years pass. It can compare your old and new lens prescriptions. This allows you to see how your vision has changed over time.

This digital eye exam can also determine your nighttime and daytime vision levels. There will be slight differences because your pupils tend to dilate at night. You can experience clearer vision during daytime hours. There will also be fewer halos and starbursts at night. This can help you see better when you drive or walk at night.


It Is Kid-friendly


Some kids need eyeglasses at an early age. Checking their eyes the traditional way is often challenging and slow. Shyness and fear often prevent them from giving accurate responses. Using Clarifye can provide the child with clear prescription lenses. Your child can then feel better about the resulting eyeglasses.


It Provides a Digital Fingerprint of Your Eyes


Clarifye’s corneal topographer can give you an accurate measurement. It provides your eye doctor with your eye’s digital fingerprint. Spotting corneal issues, such as keratoconus, is faster. Clarifye can also help your eye doctor see if you are a good candidate for LASIK surgery.


A Clarifye Eye Exam


This is an extensive digital eye exam that aims to measure the optical traits of your vision system. It can spot the smallest changes in the way you see. Clarifye measures the visual system and the small areas of your pupil. This detailed mapping can create digital fingerprints for your eye. It provides the exact measurement and curvature of your cornea.

Your eye doctor can use Clarifye to spot and keep an eye on health problems like glaucoma. This eye exam can also provide information about common night vision problems that affect nighttime outdoor activities like driving. Your eye doctor can then provide proper treatment to correct your night vision issues.

Knowing the advantages that Clarifye provides can help motivate you to have this eye exam at your next appointment. At Eye Focus Northwest, we always provide our patients with high-quality eye care products and treatments.

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